Haulage and Disposal

Waste Management including Haulage and Disposal

Soil & Water Solutions Ltd appreciate what drives development in the UK – supply and demand, government initiatives and the availability of good quality sites. Environmental sign-off following contamination remediation is an important part of that. We believe the re-use of brownfield land underpins sustainable development. Therefore, we ensure that our waste management protocols and remediation schemes in general, must not lead to unacceptable environmental harm, make excessive demands on resources, or have any significant deleterious social or economic consequences.

Under the auspices of the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010 we offer the necessary Pre-Treatment technologies required for legal disposal of Hazardous Wastes. With our in-house expertise we can tailor the management of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous waste streams to ensure that final disposal costs are minimised.

Our haulage and disposal solutions are primarily used for the removal of contaminated materials where time and space do not allow on-site treatment solutions or we are removing the residues from a treatment process. Where ever possible we endeavour to avoid direct disposal to landfill. We always aim to prioritise reuse at our recycling centres and restoration projects. All our disposals are to licensed facilities ensuring that the duty of care regulations are always complied with. As a licenced waste carrier, we can handle Hazardous, Non-Hazardous, Inert soils for disposal including hydrocarbons, heavy metals and asbestos contamination.

Off-site Treatment/Recycling

Soil and Water Solutions have developed a cost effective and efficient approach to removing and recycling contaminated soils. We operate our own network of recycling/ recovery centres and restoration sites as well as using existing national soil treatment facilities are able to provide a full turnkey solution for off-site treatment. Our aim is always to divert material away from landfilling and the higher rate landfill tax (£86.10/tonne currently rising to £88.95/tonne April 2018) preferring to treat the material.

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